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Learning's Like Riding a Bike (160/365)

“Prioritize process. Learn for the sake of learning, not always for a specific goal."

- Sahil Bloom

As a father of three, I am proud to say that I’ve taught each of my kids to ride a two-wheel bicycle.

For my boys, it came relatively easy.

My little girl, however, spent a great deal of time falling, scraping body parts, and even once crashing her bike into a neighbor’s parked car.

I could see, with each failed attempt, the frustration growing in her. She wore it on her typically smiling face.

But she did not quit, nor would I allow her to ever do so.

Because, it was not about the bike. It was never about the bike.

It was about getting back on and trying again.

And again.

And again.

I knew, this was a skill she’d need her whole life. She’d need to get back up.

One highlight of our annual family summer vacation has long been bike riding on the beach.

However, the shop didn’t rent bikes with training wheels.

So this would be our moment of truth.

On a wide open beach, after many attempts, she did it.

Then she fell.

Then she got back up.

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