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Be Like Hank (157/365)

Be like Hank.

These three words have ruminated in my mind since I read this Twitter post from resulting in two questions.

  1. What habits do I invest in that are compounding in ways leading to a life of fulfillment?

  2. What actions are connected to these habits, so I too, may pursue learning outcomes "like Hank"?

In a tweet thread, "20 lifelong learning habits you can start developing today", Sahil Bloom shares how lifelong learners are built, not born. I will invest in 20 blog posts, using 200 words or fewer, to reflect on my progress in the themes from Bloom.

  • Podcasts have occupied a regular spot of my professional learning menu. My listening preferences evolve as I continue to grow.

  • Reading biographies, memoirs, and fiction add perspective and create space for empathy.

  • Subscribing to Twitter lists and mailing lists are an organized and disciplined way to focus my thinking and vary my perspective.

To synthesize and "connect the dots", I jot down three takeaways:

  • one new idea

  • one idea that connects with an idea learned previously, and

  • one question that captures an idea I'm wondering about.

Using a note-taking device, while at-times, challenging, maintains me accountable for my personal learning.

Click here to visit the Learning Leadership 365 site, where you may read all posts I've written.


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