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How Do You Build Learning Circles? (158/365)

"We commune what we consume."

The words resonated, as I reflect on the second habit that builds lifelong learning: Build Learning Circles.

I rarely experience optimal degrees of success when I:

  • make a decision in isolation.

  • learn in isolation.

Rather, I find it advantageous to surround myself with those who view experiences through their own unique lens.

However, I am a professional decision-maker.

When a decision is necessary, I convene members of my inner circle to provide each with necessary information, asking each to prepare to share their perspective, Dependent on circumstances and the nature of the decision, follow up will be one-on-one or as a group of stakeholders.

This is also true when I'm learning something new. It's one thing for me to read an article or book, listen to a podcast, or view a webinar presentation alone. And I'm engaged in a completely different way if I do so, with others.

My learning lens admittedly has blind spots. This is true for anyone in a group.

When individuals join and share, it sets the stage for new learning.

But why?

New learning sparks in between the spaces of our learning and the dialogue that swirls and engulfs it.

Be Like Hank (157/365)

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