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Where Am I? (17/365)

The literal responses to this question is:

I live and work on the south shore of Long Island. I work roughly an hour east of New York City and an hour west of Montauk Point (the farthest point east on Long Island).

But that’s not really what the question is asking.

So then, where am I?

Well, according to some, I’m halfway through my life.

And for others, I’m two-thirds through my career.

And, I’m an educator who has experienced life and school before, during, and (hopefully) after a global pandemic.

So I guess this is where I am.

I’m questioning my purpose, and moving forward every day.

I’m reflecting on leadership opportunities, those seized, not maximized, or worst of all, missed.

I’m still questioning the meaning of leadership and management, where they intersect and what lies between.

And, I’m looking to make the most of my years, my days, and even my hours and minutes. Because I see how quickly they can escape our grasp if we aren’t careful.

I’m looking to define my purpose. And live it.

And I’m looking to make an impact; to leave an impact.

I’m working on being open (and staying open) to having others impact me, influence my thinking, and compound my learning.

So I guess that’s where I am.

Where are you?

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