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#LearningLeadership365...Here we go! (3/365)

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

How about for the second time?

Several years ago, after my first attempt to launch a personal-professional blog, it felt successful. A strong and supportive community had me feeling fulfilled, and going strong. I had big plans, big plans for Learning Leadership.

But, over the years, life happened.

And I made mistakes.

I didn’t schedule this priority and didn’t commit the dedicated time.

I didn’t limit the friction involved in making this easy for myself.

I didn't find and establish accountability partners.

I was writing for the wrong person/people/reasons.

I didn’t know how important these actions were to build a habit.

Now I do.

Today, I am mildly obsessed with planning, something big, in fact, involving the written word.

I’m making plans that are attached to action; I'm building a daily habit.

This is not just talk. Over the last 15 months, I’ve dedicated myself to becoming the type of person who lives a purpose-driven, habits-driven life.

I’ve done this in several important areas of my life.

Sleep. Exercise. Hydration. Nutrition. Mindfulness. Work-life integration.

I’ve set the course, and I'm "putting in the reps”.

I’ve committed to this life-work.

The process of building strong habits has shown me that I can do so much more with the 168 hours a week that we’re all gifted. I’ve found that, when I manage my time, my commitments, and myself, I’m a better person for others, I’m kinder to myself, and I'm aware of my life’s purpose.

So yes, I currently dedicate more time to thinking, reflecting, learning, and writing.

And, it’s coming soon. Like, tomorrow.

Here we go!

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