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If Walls Could Talk (116/365)

"We always have something to say."

This is a line that has resonated with me ever since I first heard one of my mentors say it.

It was in reference to an outdated message, one of those signs that had become faded and outdated. You know, the one that everyone has gotten used to just seeing and overlooking?

Ask anyone to share one single detail, and you'd be out of luck finding even just one person.

What happened? We'd all gotten too busy to notice it needed a little TLC, to be revised.

This school year has been one of epic comebacks.

And while we are not fully back, with each passing day, there is mounting evidence, of progress, of people noticing and contributing to that progress.

Some people are the natural joiners, the leaders, the ones you can always count on to bring positivity, energy, and enthusiasm to a situation.

What's been more interesting, however, has been noticing those wallflowers, people on the sidelines, the (not in a negative way) "followers", who go along with a good idea.

Anyone else noticing greater degrees of contribution from those people these days?

The building.

"The Comeback" is showing us that it is ALWAYS stronger than "The Setback".

The post-it note affixed to my desk is proving that to be right. The movement is living up to the marquee sign our front.

One challenge issued this year is to get our walls "talking".

What do WE value? What's important to US?

What is the message we want people to REMEMBER, not FORGET?

After a long week, and a long day, I walked the near silent, near empty building.

While I've been here for 12 years, this walk was different. Like a tourist in New York City for the first time, amazed at the site of skyscrapers and city life, I took photos...of the talking walls.

Remembering that I have yet to ship today's post, I sat down, and I scrolled my camera roll.

And I smiled, thinking to myself, "Yes. We DO always have something to say."

We care about you. You're important to us. You matter.

And this place is amazing...because you are here with us and because we are together.

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