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Change is... (46/365)

Challenging times present chances for personal growth. What may first be seen as an obstacle, is often an opportunity.

What has increased in my life in the last 12 months?

• My awareness and use of time.

I’ve progressed in my use of the hours I’m afforded each day. Integral is knowing what’s most important in my life. I schedule priorities, in alignment with the type of person I’m becoming.

• The value I place on what’s important.

I’ve found that focusing on actions that energize me, I’m inspired to serve others. Selflessly focusing my core basic human needs opens me up to being able to empathize, help, and serve others.

• My appreciation of others’ perspectives and for the contributions they make.

Walking in others’ shoes maintains curiosity and provides context when circumstances call for empathy. Learning people’s stories builds capacity to see the good in others, and avoids assumptions.

What has decreased in my life in the last 12 months?

• The pressure to immediately say yes.

When others’ present items on their “to do” lists, I stop and reflect. If a request isn’t aligned with my priorities, I may modify my response to match my values or suggest ways for a request to be met.

• My patience for inefficient practices.

I’m by no means a master of strategic efficiency. But seeing early iteration without feedback often yields frustration. In the spirit of collaboration, I approach the early stages with a sense of curiosity.

• My tolerance of the words people use and actions they take that lack integrity.

Meaning what one says and saying what one means matters. Demonstrating a speaking pattern that lacks clarity prevents actionable follow through. This, in turn, stalls purpose-driven progress.

Change is an inevitable aspect of life. Making the choice to open up and receive it as such will improve our lives, and will subsequently help us to help others.

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