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What System Are You Building? (7/365)

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” - James Clear, Atomic Habits

Today marks one week of writing and publishing on #LearningLeadership365. I’m building a writing habit. Today’s a good day to reflect on the system that's supporting the habit.

James Clear in Atomic Habits writes of the four steps involved with building a habit, (and the four levers to create a good habit).

The Problem Phase:

  • Cue (Make it obvious.)

  • Craving (Make it attractive.)

The Solution Phase:

  • Response: The solution phase (Make it easy.)

  • Reward (Make it satisfying.)

Our brains run through this four-step feedback loop every time, and in order. In an effective system, one step triggers the next, and so forth. This automates a habit.

  • How do I make it obvious?

    • I will write each morning at the kitchen table, while my coffee is brewing. After I open the blogging platform on my computer, I will get my coffee and return to the table to write.

  • How do I make it attractive?

    • The location where I write daily is one I associate with focus and productivity. Free of distractions, I can focus for sustained time periods.

  • How do I make it easy?

    • The platform I use is easy to access and navigate. It’s also visually appealing. The platform requires limited clicks and doesn’t interfere with the writing habit that I’m focused on building.

  • How do I make it satisfying?

    • The reward is in the process of writing and publishing. Actions connected to the system that I’m creating directly contribute to the satisfaction I get from publishing a completed post.

Right now, I am more focused on the habit I am building than I am the quality of the posts I am publishing each day. As my writing habit progresses, I will focus on making improvements, based on the feedback offered by the community reading my work. And while I’ve got ideas on where I’d like to take this, I will let the process drive the outcomes.

Check out this week’s posts by visiting LearningLeadership365.


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