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What if Schools Were Community Service Hubs? (162/365)

What if Schools Were Community Service Hubs?

Being a middle school principal has taught me so much. Best of all, I’ve come to appreciate how adolescents’ energy can fuel a sense of purpose. This is true, both individually and collectively.

“Kids today” are kind, empathetic, and collaborative problem solvers. Given time and space, and with support and guidance of trusting adults, adolescents can (and will) change the world.

I’ve seen it in the school in which I work. And I’ve seen it in my own home, with my own children. Kids are inherently “good”.

Schools that value community service produce service leaders.

Whether a small individual local gesture, or a large group global movement, acts of community service bring learning to life.

The following are ten outcomes of community service in “school today”.

When service is integrated into a school’s values, it will help kids:

• Redefine school.

• Explore interests.

• Scale their impact.

• Nourish the organization.

• Create space that fosters belonging.

• Align a group’s common purpose.

• Build capacity for empathy.

• Explore global community.

• Embrace local community.

• Reveal a group’s purpose.

Authentic learning and meaningful connections result when service to others is prioritized.

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