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Greasing the Gears (22/365)

Monday mornings are a great time to reflect on the week behind and the week ahead.

Listening to this podcast during my Monday morning workout sparked ideas I'm thinking about to start my week. (Check out the work of Ryan Hawk and James Clear for more.)

Do the systems established in my life drive my purpose?

I ask myself this question daily, and throughout my day, as well. It keeps me focused. It allows me to help others find their purpose.

Other questions I ask myself, as I monitor my progress are:

• Which aspects of my life are within my control?

• Are the systems I’ve established in need of attention or management?

• What evidence is there that my systems are serving my habits to the maximum extent possible?

These questions are personal anchors.

They remind me to pause to check in with myself, and to avoid “going on auto-pilot” (which, of course, leads to the formation of bad habits).

They keep me in-tune with myself and also, avoid personalizing when I don’t meet the mark on a habit I’ve formed.

When I need to reset my motivation, these questions help do that.

When we create space focused on our motivation, we move incrementally towards progress, and desired outcomes.


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