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3 Time Management Hacks (16/365)

“Time is our greatest commodity.” - Warren Buffett

I think of this line often, and especially when I’ve over-scheduled my calendar or have allowed myself to be distracted. If this cycle continues, I begin to feel like a jack of all trades and a master of none.

So I’ve adopted a few “life hacks” that help get me back on track.

• The Power of the Post-It

Using a simple post-it note, that lists my five priorities seems to keep me on track. This visual reminder, written in black Sharpie on a yellow note and positioned in a predictable prominent place, helps.

• Feed Forward

Years ago, I discovered the advantage of sharing my priorities “out loud”. I developed a Google Form, and invited anyone willing to tell me how I’m doing, to do just that. By inviting warm, cool, and honest feedback, I was able to model reflective leadership and a progress-oriented mindset.

• Accountability Partners

There are lots of people out there like me trying to improve, and to get better every day. It’s amazing to experience how being transparent and having a growth mindset can catch on, with others looking to do the same. Periodic check-ins, sharing the ups and downs on our respective journeys helps not only one another, but also ourselves.

So how do we know if we have “overdone it” with our goals?

Well, if they don’t fit on a post-it note, or they’re too long for a Google Form, and there’s not enough time to associate each goal with an accountability partner, we’ve overdone it.

Start small. Be patient. And build momentum.

You will be inspired by the progress you see.

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