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3 Ideas That Help Me Ship Daily (151/365)

Happy Thanksgiving! I am fully realizing this may be my least read post, to this point.

Who is subscribed to receive my blog, emailed daily to your inbox?

Who is checking Twitter to see what number 151 is? (Frankly, who has read numbers one through 150, at this point?)

Who is looking to take that first step on the road to building a habit today, of all days?

Well, if you're still reading, it may just be you! So let's keep going.

In today' post, my hope is to provide one resource or piece of insight, connect a reading with one person who can serve as an accountability partner, or frankly, just help somebody.

Maybe your objective is not writing every day. Maybe it's something different.

However, I will say, with confidence (because it's working for me) that writing's a key to unlocking thoughts, releasing momentum. It's fuel to keep going in your pursuit of anything.

Here are 3 ideas to get you thinking, about building a daily habit, to improve your life.

Find your people. This is not about Twitter. Lots of people "on Twitter" are doing things I'd never dream to be able to do. Some I've met and are friends, some have become mentors (in-person or virtual), and some feel ever-so-slightly ahead of me on the same path. These are the "types of people" to seek to emulate. Not in an Imposter Syndrome or FOMO kind of way, but with a growth-oriented mindset. Those people who seem just out of reach, aren't only approachable, they're willing to help more than you imagine. Just reach out.

Practice communicating. For me, I've long enjoyed the challenge of writing. Whether a handwritten note, email, blog post, or essay, writing is communication. Having a mild obsession with the idea that the message I'm sending is the one that's being received, writing's proven to be a constructive outlet through which to practice clear communication.

Discover what matters, and pursue it. By shipping daily, I notice themes emerging, topics and ideas that interest me. Accepting that I don't/won't know everything about a topic, I'm appreciating the idea of "writing to learn" as much as I am a "learning to write". Through writing, I'm learning, about the topic at hand, and about myself and my understanding of that topic. In turn, this drives me to seek out others who are on this same path. Reaching out to others has enhanced my communication skills. And by repeating this process daily ("putting in the reps"), I am discovering what I find important to learn more about each day.

Maybe this post has helped in some way; maybe it's got you focused starting something you've been meaning to do. If today's that day, know you've already got one person in your corner, rooting for your success. Need a boost or a push? Just reach out. I'm here for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Click here to visit the Learning Leadership 365 site, where you may read all posts I've written.


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